This gorgeous super soft, sheer, ultra light silk is used by many well known doll
artists to achieve a scale of costuming in proportion to the art dolls they create.  
The fibers are not bulky and the silk takes colors beautifully.  Silk Fabric is 45 in

Jacquard Acid Dye is recommended for silk and it's easy to use.
Jacquard Inkjet Sheer Organza Fabric Sheets
Jacquard Print On Silk

  • 100% silk habotai, 10mm
  • Retains natural hand of the fabric
  • Removable paper backing
  • Permanent, lightfast, hand washable
  • 10 sheets per pack
  • Print with: Any inkjet printer or copier

14.95 pkg
Jacquard Inkjet Fabrics
Inkjet Printable 100% Sheer Silk Organza

  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Semi-transparent
  • Retains natural hand of fabric
  • Removable paper backing
  • Print with: Any inkjet printer, any inkjet copier
  • 5 sheets per pack

12.25 pkg
PDF File
Silk Wing Instructions by Deb Wood
Lunar White Witch, by Bonnie Jones
Click the image to see more
Bonnie's tips!

Silk gauze is one of my favorite fabrics to use on
my dolls.   I dampen it and roll it into a ball and put
it in my small convection oven on about 200 to
dry.   When it is dry, it holds the wrinkles which
give the fabric a wonderful soft texture...and it
dyes really well.
100% Silk
Fabric by the Yard
If you purchase more than one yard, change
the quantity at the shopping cart and you will
receive one uncut piece in the length of the
combined number purchased.
  • 3mm 36' x 45'

3.95 per yard.  
Artist: Nadia Evans
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Easily create your custom colors with Jacquard
Acid Dye.  This fabric is fine enough for small
costuming projects and also compliments the
Silk Gauze.  Crinkle will add texture and interest.
  • 5.5 mm  36"  x 45"

9.95 per yard
Silk Gauze Fabric
Silk Crinkle Chiffon
Thai Marbled papers are used by many art doll artists to create wispy costume effects. This is not
regular paper, these papers are strong and feel more like fabric than paper!  The Thai Marbles are
extremely soft and each one is hand dyed, crinkled and then embellished with gold or copper

You will get a combination of 8 sheets of any of the marbles shown and 2 each of  Mulberry
Tissue, Thai Lace for a total of 12 sheets of handmade paper.  If you want 8 of one single color,
please email me.  Color selection may change depending on availability.
Tidal Wave Blue
Firestorm Oranges
Forest Greens
Tropical Pastels
Mulberry Tissue
Mulberry Tissue               Thai Lace  
Multi/White 12.95 Per
Venise Lace
This lace is being offered in 1/2 yard increments because costuming smaller Art Dolls does not require a lot of
trim.  You decide how much you need.  Update the quantity in your cart and you will receive one uncut length
This lace is being offered in 1/2 yard increments because costuming smaller Art Dolls does not require a lot of
of the total yardage you selected.
5 in x 18 -White
2.50 per 1/2 yd
Click images to view measurement
4 in x 18 - White
2.25 per 1/2 yd
2.5 in x 18 - White
1.95 per 1/2 yd
1.75 in x 18 - White
1.75 per 1/2 yd
Select Style
This dragon was covered with the Thai
Marble.   The paper soaked with a thin
coat glue on both sides and then applied
to the body in a decopage' method.    

Since the body would be completely
painted, the color pattern of the paper
didn't matter.  I was going for a leathery,
reptile texture.  

Click the image to see the details.
These lace trims can
easily be dyed with
Jacquard Acid Dyes.
Tidal Wave                        Forest Green                     Romanesque                  Mesa       
Firestorm                            Tropical Pastel               Passion Pink                     Twilight
Renouned Art Doll artist, Deb Wood of Enchanted Hearts, has provided a free tutorial on
how she costumes her beautiful fairies using the Crinkle Chiffon as well as the Mulberry
Click on the image to see a larger view.

Click here to view Deb's amazing step by step tutorial.
Teagan                                    Astra
White Only - 10.95 per
Copper                                        Brown                                         Black                                           White                                        Hunter Green
Mango                                         Hot Pink                                     Red                                             Lavender                                   Mint     
Medium weight Marabou feather boa sold in 6 inch increments.   

1.00 ea per 6 inch length
1.25 ea
Marabou Colors
Natural Peacock Eyes
2 per pkg  2.75
Natural blue Peacock
plummage.  Each bag has
approx 100 feathers.  
7.50 per package
White Goose Satinettes
approx. 46 pieces per pkg.
2.75 per pkg
Marabou Colors
Orchid                                            Dk Aqua                                     Burgundy
Silk wings, using one
wing sheet.

Click image for a larger

These instructions are
still in the works, but
will give a good
idea on making silk
wings using one printed
wing sheet.
Silk wings - Single Sheet
Beautiful 4 inch wide Venise in black, metallic gold and metallic silver
A small amount is perfect
for adding that extra touch
to your fairy wings or doll  
100% Silk Crinkle Chiffon!
Sheer, light 5mm weight
Aqua - Multi Beads
Brown - Multi AB Beads
Country Blue - AB Beads
Dusty Rose - AB Beads
Eggshell - AB Beads
Green - AB Beads
Hot Pink - AB Beads
Hunter Green - AB Beads
Magenta - AB Beads
Orchid - AB Beads
Red - AB Beads
Turquoise - AB Beads
Purple - AB Beads
Teal - AB Beads
White - AB Beads
Beaded Feather Fans   2.25 ea
Light Blue - AB Beads
Iridescent Black
Coque Feathers
3 inches wide,
5.50 ea
Peach/Pink                       Aqua/Purple                      Tsunami
Thai Marbled Paper
Mint - AB Beads
Freebie wing tutorials
Purple Passion Borealis
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Deep Sea Mermaid
Shibori is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that creates patterns in fabric
by binding, stitching, folding, or twisting.  Using rich complementary colors and
high quality, satiny silk ribbon, this ancient dyeing technique is what makes
Shibori silk so unique.  All Shibori is hand-dyed so color lots may differ slightly.

Shibori is sold in 18 in lengths (1/2 yd).  When getting more then one piece of
the same color, it will be left in one continuous length.
Passion Teal
Passion Flower
Pink Sunset
Silver Lining Borealis
Tropical Pink Borealis
Delicate small Venise Lace Appliques
1.5 in Heart
2.5 x 2.25 in Dragonfly
3.5 x 2.25 Butterfly R - L
Select Style
7.95 per 1/2 yd
Click here to view the Shibori
Bracelet Tutorial
Baroque Mermaid by Patrizia Cozzo, Italy

Patrizia's use of Shibori ribbon, Venice Lace
and beading is perfect in creating a unique
tail for a mermaid.  To see more of Patrizia's
beautiful work, click
here to go to her
Facebook page.

Click on the images to see a larger view.
Printed Silk Oak Leaf wings can
make exciting costuming effects!
Click image for a larger view.
Autumnae, June Gallagher



  • Magic Water Casting
  • Magic-Glos UV
    Adhesive - UV Lamp
  • Ranger -Glossy
  • Sakura 3D Crystal
  • Aleene's Tacky glue
  • Fabritac
  • The Ultimate
  • Judikins Diamond
  • Appicator Bottles

  • Angelina Film
  • Fantasy Film
  • Angelina Fiber

  • PanPastels
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Royal Langnickel
    Soft Grip Brushes
  • Liquitex
    Gloss Heavy Gel
    Glazing Medium


  • Colored Craft Wire
  • Armature Wire
  • Floral Tape

  • Iris Bubbles
  • No Hole Micro Beads
  • Rock Candy
  • TinyTray


  • Realistic
  • Lifelike
  • Glastic
  • Glass Flatback
  • Eyelashes
  • Cabochons

  • Tibetan Lamb
  • Tussah Silk
  • Viscose

  • Silk Gauze
  • Mulberry Paper
  • Venice Lace
  • Shibori Ribbon
  • Inkjet Silk sheets
  • Organza sheets

  • Stamped Brass
  • Filegree Stickers
  • Steampunk gears
  • Crystal Acrylic Finials
  • Jewelry Tools
  • Fairy Lights



  • Pearl Ex
  • Pinata Ink
  • Acid Dyes

  • Lisa Pavelka's Foils
  • Gold, Silver, Copper
  • Verigated Leaf


CLAY - Sculpting
  • Fimo Professional
  • Cernit
  • Living Doll
  • Premo
  • Apoxie
  • TLS
  • Fimo Gel
  • Air Dry Premier
  • Hearty Clay -white

  • Sculpture House
  • Kemper
  • Studio by Sculpey
  • Alley Goop silicone
    mold kit
  • Press Molds

  • Hot Tools Stencil
  • Sculpey Glaze
  • Royal Langnickel
  • Brass Rod & Tube
    Square Tube&Tube
  • Sanding pads
  • Sculpey Clay Softener
  • Heat Gun