Angelina Enchanted Forest Flash
Angelina Sugar Plum
Angelina Citronella
Angelina Lemon Sparkle
Angelina Peacock Green Flash
Angelina Mint Sparkle
Angelina Key Lime
Angelina Opal Sparkle
Angelina Purple Flash
Angelina Calypso Blue
Angelina Butterfly Blue Flash
Angelina Watermelon
Angelina Raspberry Sparkle
Angelina Desert Sunset Sparkle
Angelina Cotton Candy
Angelina Crystal Mother of Pearl
Angelina Crystal Aurora Borealis
OOAK Artist Emporium - Angelina Film
Imagine diamond-like dew drops on a spider's web and the
iridescence of butterfly wings!
Angelina Fiber
Angelina fibers are very fine and super soft with dazzling sparkles. Unique fibers that when heat bonded together become a fine, soft, pliable iridescent fabric.
The are both light reflective and refractive as well as luminescent.

Use them for costuming, Fairy wings, doll hair highlights.  Add interest to any art project.  Most colors can be heat bonded.  True metallics are not heat
Metallics - Staple  Non-Heat bondable
Regular Colors - Heat bondable
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Angelina Fibers Types:

Heat bondable AKA Hot Fix: These fibers can be ironed at a low temperature to fuse them together. You can mix with Staple colors in any combination and use the
Heatbondable fibers as the "glue" The end result will be determined by the temperature, pressure from the iron and time used to heat the fibers. Generally, these
fibers will not fuse to any other fiber, paper or other medium except itself.

Staple (
NOT Heatbondable): The Staples do not adhere to themselves or the heat bondables. Heated on a higher temperature may get it to fuse but you may lose
color and/or sheen according to the manufacturer.
Mixed with the heat bondables. You can
  • Iridescent, Florescent, Sparkles: Highly reflective fibers that shimmer with other brilliant tones. Most are Heat Bondable.
  • Holographic: A spectrum of the rainbow colors on sleek fibers
  • Metalized: These are made of true metals and have a softer finish. These are Staples and NOT Heatbondable but can be mixed with other bondable
  • Electric: Five bright neon fibers that will stand out in any fabric display or fashion. These are all Staples and NOT Heatbondable
  • Flash: These are shimmery fibers of one color, Rose Gold Flash, Purple Flash etc. some are Staple and some are Heatbondable
  • Crystals: The Crystals all have shimmery white fibers with a different "glow" or highlight. The four Crystals come in BOTH Staple AND Heatbondable for
    each of the four Crystal colors.

The instructions for heat bonding are as follows:
The temperature required is dependent on several variables including dwell time and applied pressure. Increasing dwell time and heat results in
predictable color shifts in the fiber.

NOTE: Generally, Angelina Heat Bondable will only adhere to itself AND the staple (no bond) Angelina's and NOT bond to other fibers, tissue paper or

  • Heat iron to silk temperature setting.
  • NOTE: Approximate bonding temperature is 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Since temperature gauges on irons vary widely even within most brand models, it is best to test a small amount to determine the correct
    bonding temperature.

  • Place a small amount of fiber between two sheets of tissue paper or parchment paper.
  • Gently, with light pressure, move the iron back and forth
  • Check frequently on the bonding progress.
  • NOTE: Be careful not to "fry" the Angelina fiber with too much heat or do repeated pressing as the fibers lose their sheen and become a
    dull brownish version of the color.
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Available in two sizes!

2"x 3" bag Sampler packet  - 1.75
This size is great if you need a small
amount for a special project.

3"x 5" bag  - 3.75
Angelina Fusible Fiber
Fantasy Film-Waterfall
Fantasy Film Waterfall
To learn all my methods of making film wings as well as Transparency,
Vellum and wings for Ball Jointed Dolls, I recommend my own eClass
tutorial.  This tutorial has 5 parts  with over 115 pages and 300 + photos
with detailed descriptions and instructions.

You will find it on the
Fairy Wing Sheet page.  
Angelina films and fibers can be used in just about every craft you can think of and
probably some you haven't.  These are Heat Bondable and can be bonded to each
other.  Mix colours, combine film and fibers to get the most exciting mix of colors and
design elements you can come up with.
Angelina Film and Fiber
Angelina Crystal Amethyst
Angelina Crystal Green Lightning
Out of stock
Please read - I am going through a transition with the Angelina Fiber and am running out or
low on colors.  If you select a color I am out of, I will refund your money for that item. The
time it will take for color replacement is undetermined.  
Out of stock
Out of stock
Angelina Film is 4" x 10' in length        3.25 per roll
Images are subject to copyright.   OOAK Artist Emporium, 2007 - 2017
Spun Sugar, by Candace Taylor,
CBC Studio
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Marcasite Flash
Onyx Flash
Red Wing Flash
Copper Flash
Bronze Flash
Desert Sunset Sparkle
Cotton Candy
Raspberry Sparkle
Lemon Sparkle
Sugar Plum
Calypso Blue
Purple Flash
Butterfly Blue Flash
Peacock Green Flash
Enchanted Forest Flash
Key Lime
Opal Sparkle
Crystal Amethyst
Crystal Green Lightning
Crystal Aurora Borealis
Crystal Monther of Pearl
Mint Sparkle



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