Dragonfly Sheet 9
Transparency only
Dragonfly Sheet 10
Transparency only
Dragonfly Sheet 7
Transparency only
Cicada Sheet 2
Transparency only
Dragonfly Sheet 6
Transparency only
2 Pair Seed Pods
Tiffany Style
Transparency only
Extreme Dragon
Transparency only
Extreme Cicada
Transparency only
Triple Fantasy wings
Transparency only
OOAK Artist Emporium - Butterfly Wing
Patterns, Fairy Wings
Fantasy Fairy Wings
The colors will vary slightly depending on which type of medium they are printed on.  
These wings are available in Translucent Vellum paper and Transparency film.

Transparency film will have deeper, more intense looking color when you receive them
in their packaging, but when removed from the package and the light allowed to pass
through, the colors will appear more like the images below.  Translucent Vellum will
produce a soft image, but still full of color.

Your Fairies deserve Fantasy Watercolor Wings!   Contact me for custom wing prints.

Click images to enlarge

Transparencies 3.50 ea    Vellum 3.00 ea
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Water Wings
Extreme Luna
Golden Cicada
Transparency only
Transparency only
Create Gorgeous OOAK Wings for your sculptures or artdolls.  Many of these images are
from real examples of insect wings with my own added softer or unusual look.  Most of the
wing sheets are printed for an average size doll of 6 - 9 inches.  They can be sheets to
make one pair of wings.  
Email me for details

I have semi-retired from making wings, but now offer my techniques in a comprehensive
wing making eClass so you can learn, step by step how I make my wings.

By clicking on the images below, you will see what a finished pair of wings can look like.  
How you decorate them will be up to you.  

Due to the size of some wings, the sheets will only produce one pair of wings, others have
multiple size wings and some have different options for the finished look.  The price of
each sheet is not based on the number of wings.  If you want a special color or size, let me

Transparency Wings - 3.50 each       Vellum Wings - 3.00 ea
Extreme Cicada Wings
Transparency only
Butterfly Sheet 1                                      Butterfly Sheet 3                                       Butterfly Sheet 4                                     Butterfly Sheet 5
Sheet 1
Sheet 3
Sheet 4
My tutorial contains 5 parts for making wings in Angelina Film, transparency prints and
vellum prints.  I also include how I decorate and some of the things I use to create
different visual effects.

  • Part 1. Iridescent Film wings
  • Part 2. Transparency Wings
  • Part 3. Vellum Wings
  • Part 4. Decorating wings
  • Part 5. Making wings for BJD's.

Each section has detailed photos showing how, along with a description of what I'm doing and
examples of the steps in progress as well as a list of the supplies I use and recommend.   I am
also available to help with questions anytime, just
email me.  

These tutorials do not include instruction on how to make wing prints.  You can use
any wing images you like.  I even include a link to Katherine Dewey's free wing prints.  
You are not required to purchase my wing prints.

When I receive your order, I will issue you a user ID, password and link for the tutorial page.  
This authorization will remain in effect for a limited time. When you access the page, you should
open and save the tutorial files to your computer.  Refunds will not be given for downloads.  
Make sure I can contact you through your email.

eClass  24.95

If you are purchasing other items,
use the "add to cart" button
Gothic Wings, Bat Wings

Maple leaves remind me of when I was a kid growing up in Chicago.  I love the changing colors
and I would play with the seeds that came whirling down.  I used to call them whirlybirds.  

The Maple Leaf wings are available in three autumn colors. The seed pods are available in two
colors and two sizes.  The larger seed pods can transparency film with iridescent film added.
Maple Leaf Colors/Type
Wing prints are available in either
transparency film or vellum.  
I've added a series of new Mini Wings.  More sizes, more styles.  
here to visit the new Mini Wing page
This Oak Leaf pattern is from the Red Oak variety.  Not only do the leaf prints make for
unique, beautiful fairy wings, these can also be made into tree ornaments.
Oak leaf Colors/Type
Images are subject to copyright.   OOAK Artist Emporium, 2007 - 2018
Regular Butterfly wings
Opal Cicada
Transparency only
I've gone through my library of butterfly images and have redesigned some of the wing sheet combinations. They
have been artistically enhanced to create a look of fantasy.
Dragonesque - Trans only
Finished wings are 7" from the top to the outer tip, making a 9 inch span.
Botanical Theme Wings
Sheet 8
Sheet 5
Goth Bat Wings
Dragonfly Sheet 8
Transparency only
Grape Leaf Wings
Watercolor Wing Prints
This is my new SILK LILY WING tutorial.  This is a freebie!!!  I hope you
enjoy it and remember, if you have any questions on the process, you
can always email me.  Click on the multi image to get the tutorial.
To learn how I make the Transparency,
Vellum and Iridescent Film wings, I
recommend getting my eClass.   
Day Lilies
The finished wings below are my interpretation of the Steampunk
theme, but you can create your own look using your favorite
Steampunk Dragon
Leafy Sea Dragon Fins - Silk
Leopard Dragonesque - Trans only
This tutorial is in PDF format
Cicada Combo
Transparency only
Artist:  Natalie Ruiz
Click here to see more of
Natalie's work
Pink Day Lily
Fantasy Luna
Transparency only
4 Pair Mini Seed Pods
ATTENTION:  Before you download, please
know that these tutorials are the intellectual
property of Judy Serresseque.  They may not
be copied or redistributed in whole or in part
by any means to any other person for any
purpose.  Sharing the files with anyone is a
copyright violation.  If you have questions,
email me
If you only want the tutorial,
Just Cicadas
Transparency only
Yellow Day Lily
Select Type
Please note:  Wing images are not available as a download
To see more of Roser's work, you
can visit her facebook page
Woodland Dreams by Roser Navarro
Tiger Lily
Red Oak Leaves                                                       Golden Oak Leaves



  • Magic Water Casting
  • Magic-Glos UV
    Adhesive - UV Lamp
  • Ranger -Glossy
  • Sakura 3D Crystal
  • Aleene's Tacky glue
  • Fabritac
  • The Ultimate
  • Judikins Diamond
  • Appicator Bottles

  • Angelina Film
  • Fantasy Film
  • Angelina Fiber

  • PanPastels
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Royal Langnickel
    Soft Grip Brushes
  • Liquitex
    Gloss Heavy Gel
    Glazing Medium


  • Colored Craft Wire
  • Armature Wire
  • Floral Tape

  • Iris Bubbles
  • No Hole Micro Beads
  • Rock Candy
  • TinyTray


  • Realistic
  • Lifelike
  • Glastic
  • Glass Flatback
  • Eyelashes
  • Cabochons

  • Tibetan Lamb
  • Tussah Silk
  • Viscose

  • Silk Gauze
  • Mulberry Paper
  • Venice Lace
  • Shibori Ribbon
  • Inkjet Silk sheets
  • Organza sheets

  • Stamped Brass
  • Filegree Stickers
  • Steampunk gears
  • Crystal Acrylic Finials
  • Jewelry Tools
  • Fairy Lights



  • Pearl Ex
  • Pinata Ink
  • Acid Dyes

  • Lisa Pavelka's Foils
  • Gold, Silver, Copper
  • Verigated Leaf


CLAY - Sculpting
  • Fimo Professional
  • Cernit
  • Living Doll
  • Premo
  • Apoxie
  • TLS
  • Fimo Gel
  • Air Dry Premier
  • Hearty Clay -white


  • Hot Tools Stencil
  • Sculpey Glaze
  • Royal Langnickel
  • Brass Rod & Tube
    Square Tube&Tube
  • Sanding pads
  • Sculpey Clay Softener
  • Heat Gun



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WC 2
WC 3
WC 4
WC 5
WC 6
WC 7
WC 8
WC 9
WC 10
WC 11
WC 12
WC 13
WC 14
WC 15
WC 16
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WC 18
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WC 24
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