USPS has had a temporary
price increase on domestic
mail.  Click on the image for
additional information.
First Class rates are based on the zip code of the destination.  All First Class mail will ship at the package rate.  

Priority Flat Rate ships anywhere in the US for the same rate with a weight limit of 20 pounds. Flat Rate goes either by envelope or boxes.  Flat
Rate Envelopes are available in two sizes.  Letter and Legal.  Most purchases will fit into either of these envelopes.  If I have to use a box, you will not
be charged any additional amount for postage.

Regional RatePriority is determined by distance. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, so all Regional Rate boxes cost much less to ship to the
western states.  The shipping cost is not effected by total weight of the package.
example:  To ship anywhere in California, the rate for the
Regional Box A size is 7.60.  The rate increases the farther the distance.  Other sizes of
Regional Rate boxes are available and the cost is higher due to the dimensions of the box and location.

I have to set the shipping calculator at the greatest distance, so if you live anywhere in between the Pacific Ocean and the Midwest, you'll get some
of the shipping returned as a "Postage Adjustment".
A word about weight.   I offer tutorials through download, I cannot have a weight for that item because there is no shipping involved.  The Paypal
requires a weight and their shipping calculator weight starts at 0.01 (1 ounce) and cannot be set at "0" for any item.  The weight I have to use for all of
my products other than the tutorials start at 0.02, which means even the smallest piece of filigree will have a weight of 2 ounces even though it only
weighs 1/10 of an ounce.  This can make the total weight at checkout higher than the actual weight once everything is packaged and will make the
shipping go up.  The result is a refund to you for the amount over the actual shipping cost.
International Shipping
Domestic Shipping
Standard Flat Rate is USPS Flat Rate envelope or box rates.  The maximum weight for the Flat Rate Envelope is 4 pounds.  The maximum weight of
the Flat Rate box is 20 pounds (9kg).  Estimated delivery is 6-9 days. The estimated prices to ship to any country are as follows.

In many cases, I can split an order into two envelopes instead of shipping in one box.  That will save a bit on shipping and a refund for the amount over
will be made.  I can also send some of it by First Class mail and that might save more.

If you want me to try to get the best possible rates, please
EMAIL me before I ship!  
Additional Information:  Some of my International customers use a US based shipping service.  They make purchases from several stores and
have it all shipped to one location in the US and then the shipping service sends it all directly to the customer.   What that means is, I ship to a US
address and that is much less expensive and depending on the size of the purchase, could be free shipping from my location to the shipper.  The
shipper uses large containers to ship to a country and so they can give a much better shipping rate to you.  They also do all the paperwork.  
Customs Fees:  All International customers are responsible for any customs fees charged by your country.  Some countries will include the cost of
shipping to the declared value and charge a fee based on the total amount.  


Review your order as soon as your order is confirmed.  My email address should be on that confirmation from Paypal.  If not, log into your paypal
account and you should see my email there on the order.  

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to email me and let me know how to ship.  Do not assume that I will know how you want your package shipped.
OOAK Artist Emporium
Shipping Information
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I offer free domestic shipping on orders of 75.00 or more.  This is the amount before shipping charges and tax (in California)
Please note:   Paypal can and will use old mailing addresses randomly.  Please check your order as soon as
you receive your copy to make sure the address is correct.  If it isn't, email me immediately so I can ship to
the correct address.  I use the email address that is on the order.  If that's not correct, I need to know that
as well.  
I can now offer UPS for International packages.  You will see a new option on the checkout page "International
.  Paypal cannot designate a particular shipping company, so you won't see UPS, but that is what it is.   UPS
has a 2-5 day delivery estimate with tracking.  I recommend using this option in certain countries where our Postal
Service has limited shipping capabilities.  
Email me to see if UPS is a better option where you live.




  • UV Resin Hard
  • Magic Water Casting
  • Magic-Glos UV
  • Sakura 3D Crystal
  • Aleene's Tacky glue
  • Fabritac
  • The Ultimate
  • Judikins Diamond Glaze
  • Sculpey Sealers



  • Colored Craft Wire
  • Armature Wire
  • Contour Mesh
  • Cloth Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape





    Filigree Connectors
    Filigree Stickers
    Earring Components
    Jump Rings
    Spacer Beads


CLAY - Sculpting


  • Christie Friesen
  • Lisa Pavelka's Foils
  • Gold, Silver, Copper,
    Verigated Leaf