Fantasy Colors     3.25 per 9 inch hank
Tussah Silk - Bleached
OOAK Artist Emporium - Doll Hair
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Tussah Silk
Doll Hair
Tussah silk is a natural fiber gathered from wild silk worms. It naturally has a beige / tan color from the tannins in the oak leaves that the caterpillars
eat.  This Tussah Silk has been pre-bleached to a white shade to make custom dying easier.  Tussah takes dye beautifully.   It's loved by both
spinners and needle felters for its softness and luster and its a wonderful option for doll hair.  I've used Tussah on several dolls and love the look
and feel.
click images  to enlarge
Tussah dyed with Jacquard Acid Dye - Turquoise.  It took less than 60 seconds to
achieve this color using a pinch of dye powder in water.  Like any silk, Tussah wants to
be slightly acidic, so it should be rinsed in a mild solution of vinegar to neutralize any
alkaline chemicals used in dyeing.  
Tussah Silk is mostly a straight fiber, fine, soft and shiny. It can be curled and styled in many different ways.  It will come in a poly bag as
pictured below in the Viscose section.  Each bag will contain a 9 inch length of silk.

2.75 per 9 inch length
Viscose-Pale Blonde
Viscose- Auburn/Deep Red
Black                                                  Pale Blonde                                    Auburn                                           Ginger Red
Viscose Doll Hair
When dying any of the fibers, rubberband one end of the fibers together tightly.   This will keep it in one bundle and
provide something for you to hold on to.  

If you leave your fibers loose in the dye bath, you will end up with a clump of fibers.
Viscose Doll Hair
Perfect for fairies, mermaids or miniatures.  Viscose is a man-made
fiber made from bamboo pulp.  You can have the freedom of styling it
All of my Viscose Doll hair and Silk fibers come in a 3 x 5 inch baggie.  
You get a generous amount of fiber, enough for several dolls.  

Actual fibers range in length from 3- 4 inches and a hank is a portion
of the roving itself.  Hanks are approximately 9 inches in length.
Click images for a larger view                             
Viscose - Strawberry
Viscose - Silver
Dark Brown                                      Strawberry                                    Silver - Wavy                                        Platinum - Wavy
Viscose - Honey Blonde
Honey Blonde                                  Ash Blonde                                     Flaxen Blonde                                Warm White
Viscose - Frosted Blonde
Add dimension and drama to a
hair style, just add some darker
shade of fiber.

Creating a frosted effect is
easy and blending colors can
give a more natural look to the

Mixing Angelina Fibers with
darker hair colors will add flash
and sparkle.
Dark Brown Viscose mixed
with Bronze Flash
Angelina Fiber
Pale Blonde Viscose mixed
with Honey Blonde Viscose
Viscose - Ash Blonde
Viscose - Flaxen Blonde
Tibetan Lamb Doll Hair
This fiber is super soft and the length is between 3-4 inches.  Each portion is 5 x 5
in size, that's 25 square inches.

Some portions may contain seams.  This does not affect the quality of the fibers.  
Available in a variety of natural hair colors.  The color is deep, all the way to the
Tibetan Lamb
Pale Blonde mixed with
Platinum White
Click here to see my
wigging tutorial for Viscose
Images are subject to copyright.   OOAK Artist Emporium, 2007 - 2017
Custom dyed Platinum White using
Silver Grey Jacquard Acid Dye.
You can create your own custom colors using Jacquard Acid dyes.  The acid refers to using
vinegar to set the color.   The hide will shrink a bit, but it can be reshaped as it dries.  This
shrinkage has no effect on the hair fibers.
16.95 per bag
Bright White                                             Beige Blonde                                             Buttercream Blonde                                   Auburn
Light Auburn                                                Chestnut                                                   Chocolate Brown                                       Black                                   
Ice Grey                                                       Gunmetal Grey                                             Honey Ash Blonde
Image colors may appear different due to differences in computer monitors.  
These images were photographed using natural daylight
Tibetan Succotash!

Each Tibetan plate has some rough edges/areas.  It can't be avoided.  I  use sections with the least amount of
seams and the most consistent length.   If the fur isn't as long or it has too many seams, I cut it off and it becomes
a scrap.  

The fur is perfectly ok, but these pieces can be 1 inch to 3 inches wide by 5 inches in length, sometimes longer,
sometimes shorter.  They work well for animal sculptures, troll dolls or other creative characters.

The Tibetan Succotash will have at least 6 colors and the fur will range between 2 - 4 inches in length.   
Each bag has a minimum weight of 2 ounces.  I know, doesn't sound like a lot, but that bag is 9 x 12 and you can
see how much is in there.  It's the equivalent of three 5x5 pieces.   Enough to do many dolls

Click image to see front and back     
Light Colors Viscose
Dark Colors Viscose
Cerulean Blue
3.25 per 9 inch hank



  • Magic Water Casting
  • Magic-Glos UV
    Adhesive - UV Lamp
  • Ranger -Glossy
  • Sakura 3D Crystal
  • Aleene's Tacky glue
  • Fabritac
  • The Ultimate
  • Judikins Diamond
  • Appicator Bottles

  • Angelina Film
  • Fantasy Film
  • Angelina Fiber

  • PanPastels
  • Watercolor Pencils
  • Royal Langnickel
    Soft Grip Brushes
  • Liquitex
    Gloss Heavy Gel
    Glazing Medium
    Matte sealer

  • Colored Craft Wire
  • Armature Wire
  • Floral Tape

  • Iris Bubbles
  • No Hole Micro Beads
  • Rock Candy
  • Snappy Tray
  • Cabochons


  • Realistic
  • Lifelike
  • Glastic
  • Glass Flatback
  • Eyelashes

  • Tibetan Lamb
  • Tussah Silk
  • Viscose

  • Silk Gauze
  • Mulberry Paper
  • Venice Lace
  • Shibori Ribbon
  • Inkjet Silk sheets
  • Organza sheets

  • Stamped Brass
  • Filegree Stickers
  • Steampunk gears
  • Crystal Acrylic Finials
  • Jewelry Tools
  • Fairy Lights


  • Pearl Ex
  • Pinata Ink
  • Lumiere
  • Acid Dyes

  • Lisa Pavelka's Foils
  • Gold, Silver, Copper
  • Verigated Leaf


CLAY - Sculpting
  • Fimo Professional
  • Cernit
  • Living Doll
  • Premo
  • Apoxie
  • TLS
  • Fimo Gel
  • Air Dry Premier
  • Hearty Clay -white


  • Hot Tools Stencil
  • Sculpey Glaze
  • Royal Langnickel
  • Brass Rod & Tube
    Square Tube&Tube
  • Sanding pads
  • Sculpey Clay Softener
  • Heat Gun




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