OOAK Artist Emporium - Hardwood Displays
Solid Hardwood Display Bases
Hand-turned solid mahogany hardwood rounds
The size of the round is the inside diameter of the display area.  

The scroll edge will add a 1/2 in more to the overall size
Asian inspired base.

Round Hardwood, deep grain effect
and a rich rosewood color.  
(click image for larger view)


2.5 in Inside dia.     4.95
3 in Inside dia.        5.85
4 in  Inside dia.       6.95
5 in  Inside dia.       8.95
Asian Base
These are scroll ornament stands. They have twisted wire with scroll
motif. These stands are available in silver and brass finish.

7.95 each
This wrought iron twig motif ornament hanger
is great for displaying larger ornaments.  

Used by many polymer clay artists for baking
polymer clay sculptures.
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by, Janet Ray
Suedette is a microsuede material with adhesive backing.  It cushions the bottoms of display bases.  
Extremely thin - click image to
Chocolate Brown only.

Sheets are 8.75" x 13"       

3.50 ea
Fabulous sculptures are both the piece itself and how they are presented.   Beautifully finished
hardwood display bases showcase your art and complete the look.

These hardwood bases are perfect for displaying your sculpture.  They can be decorated for a theme
or use them as they are.  You will not have to do any finish work.

What do you want your sculpture to say to those who see it?
There is more to your art than you think!
Deluxe Oval bases made from one inch thick solid Mahogany hardwood.
These bases come in two sizes.  You can easily create a magnificent display with detail and room to decorate.    Sculptures will look gorgeous
against the natural wood finish.  The medium size  is available in both the lighter, natural finish and the dark walnut color finish.  The large has a       
5 x 5 inner display area.
Outer size 5.5 x 5.5.  3/4 in high
Select Color
Large 6 x 9   9.95                                      Medium 5 x 7     7.95

4 in outer measurement with a 3 in display surface area
6 in outer measurement with a 5 in display surface area

The height is 1 inch and has a very dramatic profile
Select Size

These bases are ready for painting, staining or decopage.  They can be stacked to create taller pedistal style bases and secured by gluing a 1/4
inch dowel into the center hole.  They can be covered in polymer clay for unique effects.  The center hole can also be used as a means to secure
the object being displayed on top.   For a solid surface, glue a 1/4 inch dowel into the hole and sand before painting or covering with your favorite

If planning on painting or staining, I recommend a light sanding with a fine grit and a base coat of sanding sealer.  Redwood is a softer, lighter
weight wood and will absorb paint quickly.  Sanding sealer will help to give a smooth, clear coat before painting for a more even finish.
images are subject to copyright.   OOAK Artist Emporium, 2009 - 2011
Deluxe Mahogany
Available in two colors
Adjustable Doll Stands
Beautiful and sturdy!  The base is Mahogany hardwood with a walnut finish with cushioned
feet attached.  The upright is a high quality chrome steel  tube with the expansion V rod
inserted into it.    The weight of the hardwood base makes for a stand that won't tip over.  The
The round bases are all 3/4 in thick.  

Small   -   0050 Fits dolls from 5.5 to 9.25 inches.  Round base has a 4 inch top surface
Medium - 0053 Fits dolls from 9 to 14 inches.  Round base has a 5 inch top surface
Large   -   0055 Fits dolls from 12 to 20 inches.  Round base has a 6 inch top surface

Doll Stands require minor assembly.
Click images for a larger view
Sm 0050
Fits under or over costuming.  The above
image has the waist grip under the skirt
Mahogany Oval base
5 x 7 inner display area.
Outer size 5.5 x 7.5.  3/4 in high
Lg 0055
Md 0053
Mahogany Hexagon base
7 x 7 inner display area.
Outer size 7.5 x 7.5.  3/4 in high
Burls pages have been updated 8/5/12
Gorgeous California Manzanita is BACK!

Manzanita is roots are where burls come from.  Each one is unique and will give your display a
true One of a Kind finishing touch.  Some pieces need that extra special natural effect and
manzanita is how to do it.

Small Burls range in size from 5 to 7 inches long by 2 to 5 inches tall.  Some have holes, some
might have inclusions such as small rocks.  All burls are finished with a beautiful satin finish.

Mini Burls range in size from 3 to 4 inches long by 1 1/2 to 3 inches tall.
Click here for Burls

here for Flats
Economy Redwood Bases
15.95 ea
Crystal clear acrylic display base.  This base has a beautiful beveled edge to reflect
light.  It measures 4.5 inch square with an inside work surface of 3.5 inches, 3/4 inch

This display would be perfect for wintery themed art dolls or to display pillar candles.

Click image to view the profile.

10.95 ea
ECONOMY 5 inch diameter round economy base.  Inside display surface is 4.25 in.  The height is
3/4 in.

This base is made of Basswood and is unfinished.  To get the best results, use a coat of clear
sanding sealer.   The grain may expand, so use a fine sand paper to smooth out.  Apply an
additional coat of sanding sealer, then paint or prepare as you like.
2.25 ea
Please note:  I do not make these bases and
cannot do custom requests on sizes, shapes
or colors.
6 inch round  8.25


  • Magic Water Casting
  • Magic-Glos UV
    Adhesive - UV Lamp
  • Ranger -Glossy
  • Sakura 3D Crystal
  • Aleene's Tacky glue
  • Fabritac
  • The Ultimate
  • Judikins Diamond
  • Judikins DG3

  • Angelina Film
  • Fantasy Film
  • Angelina Fiber

  • PanPastels
  • Prismacolor
    Watercolor Pencils
  • Royal Langnickel
    Soft Grip Brushes
  • Liquitex
    Gloss Heavy Gel
    Glazing Medium

  • Armature Wire
  • Floral Tape

  • Iris Bubbles
  • No Hole Micro Beads
  • Rock Candy
  • Snappy Tray


  • Realistic
  • Lifelike
  • Glastic
  • Glass Flatback
  • Eyelashes

  • Tibetan Lamb
  • Tussah Silk
  • Viscose

  • Silk Gauze
  • Mulberry Paper
  • Venice Lace
  • Silk Ribbon
  • Inkjet Silk sheets
  • Organza sheets

  • Stamped Brass
  • Filegree Stickers
  • Steampunk gears
  • Crystal Acrylic Finials


  • Pearl Ex
  • Pinata Ink
  • Lumiere
  • Acid Dyes

  • Lisa Pavelka's Foils
  • Gold, Silver, Copper
  • Verigated Leaf


CLAY - Sculpting
  • Puppen Fimo
  • Cernit
  • Living Doll
  • Fimo
  • Apoxie
  • TLS
  • Fimo Gel
  • Air Dry Premier
  • Hearty Clay -white

  • Sculpture House
  • Kemper
  • Studio by Sculpey
  • Face Mold
  • Christi Freisen Mold
  • Sculpey Push Molds
  • Fimo
  • Lisa Pavelka's Border
    and Texture molds

  • Hot Tools Stencil
  • Sculpey Glaze
  • Royal Langnickel
  • Brass Rod & Tube
    Square Tube&Tube
  • Sanding pads
  • Sculpey Clay Softener